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To provide compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost-effective emergency medical care for all patients with acute and potential life-threatening condition.

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We Provide Quality Health care at Affordable & Accessible to All.

About Viswateja

What We Do

Vision :
To provide world class quality health care to the all, at an affordable cost without compromising on quality.
Mission :
We believe world class health care is not merely the reserve of the affluent. We exist because we want to bring affordable Tier 1 health care standards to the middle class and the financially challenged. This is what promotes our culture, our way of thinking. Its how we inspire doctors, nurses and support staff to do path breaking work every day.


• To provide Hope, Care and Cure.
• The patient always comes first. We are dedicated to patient care.
• We treat each person with respect and dignity.
• We are compassionate listeners. We hear the issues of our patients, respect them, and do everything in our power to help.
• We encourage multicultural values, team work, transparency.

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Tier 1 health care standards

Intensive Care Unit

Clinic Diagnostics & Pharmacy

Clinical Pathology Lab

The Specialist Clinic

Dr. E. Viswanath Reddy

M.B.B,S, DNB. (Emergency Medicine), FID (Diabetology)

Hello, iam Dr.E.Viswanath Reddy, Emergency Physician & Diabetologist, Director and Founder of Viswateja Hospitals

Dr. M. Sushmalatha

M.B.B.S., MD (Pathology)

Hi, I am Dr M.Sushmalatha, Consultant Pathologist (MD Pathology) in Viswateja hospital and diagnostic centre.


We utilize numerous diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to facilitate patient care, including the following:

• Procedure Sedation and Analgesia
• Rapid sequence intubation
• Haemodynamic support: inotropes, anti-arrhythmic

Emergency Nursing Process

Primary Survey and Secondary Survey
Initiation of life-saving measures
Patient advocacy
Ongoing assessment of nursing care
Review of nursing efficacy
Recording of 12-lead ECG’s

Management of intravenous therapy

Placement of chest tubes
Placement of nasogastric tubes
Placement of urinary catheters
Family health education
Acute/acute-on-chronic pain management

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Emergency & Trauma Care


In any emergency, time is very crucial. The care providers should know the value of time and should be well-experienced to take quick and right decisions. Any delay in time, or a simple mistake can cost the patients their life. We are one of the best emergency care departments with years of experience in this field, treating thousands of patients each year. The emergency care wards are well furnished with latest technology to provide with the best of service and care to victims.


This condition involves temporary or permanent damage to the brain tissues. It is a result of a hard impact on the head or brain which is often associated with internal bleeding or swelling of the brain.


Heart attack is a serious medical emergency in which the supply of blood to the heart is blocked usually due to a blood clot, The person experiences tightness and pain in the chest.


When basic functions like, the bringing of oxygen and removal of carbon-di-oxide from the blood stream, are impaired, a life-threatening situation may occur.


Most of the traumas are caused by motor bike accidents or falls. Very rarely people are a victim to stabbing or shooting, Trauma may result in an assortment of injuries to various parts of the body.

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